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Ministry of Education and Science Project

Under the Ministry of Education and Science Program “Support for General Education”, MyGPS LLC provides daily school bus services for over 12’000 pupils of public schools in Abkhazeti, Samegrelo, Zemo-Svaneti regions. The Program aims at transporting pupils from and to remote areas in accordance of the set time-schedule of the school.

Company has engaged over 400 persons for the proper fulfilment of the Program.

Georgian Railway Project

After introducing Fuel Monitoring System in the logistics of Georgian Railway, the fuel savings has amounted to over 1.5 MLN Georgian Laris per annum. The ongoing cooperation aims at improving fuel consumption efficiency as well as improving trains’ movement through specially designed monitoring software that allows Georgian Railway to complement or even replace the older train dispatching system with digitalized and visualized management system.

Go Live

Golive is an Exclusive Result of a successful integration of Wissol corporative plastic fuel card and GPS/GPRS system technically designed and implemented by MyGPS LLC not only making fuel discharge on the Wissol fuel station transparent but verifying beneficiary vehicle location for the moment along with full package ot the fleet management, fuel consumption control, reporting, etc.

So far the solution remains unique on Georgian market.

Yellow Minibus Project

Since 2010 MyGPS LLC provides software support for Tbilisi Yellow Minibus (Municipal Transportation) that allows company administration to control fuel dispatching, its usage and receive aggregated reports on fuel for further analysis and logistics. The software is coupled with GPS tracking solutions.

MyGPS LLC focuses on elaborating new solutions for passenger counting, minibus occupancy, etc.


MyGPS LLC has created a customized software for AVON to facilitate company´s communication with potential clients and receiving orders. Our software sends out thousands of SMS to clients informing them of new product arrivals and offers. The customers can reply back and order desired product.

Water Supply Company Project

Since 2011 MyGPS LLC provides its customized services to United Water Supply Company of Georgia that includes remote management and control of water pumps functioning through special software and devices installed on the pumps.

LED Displays

MyGPS LLC focuses on introducing new technologies to Georgian market out of which LED displays have become an interesting initiative and have been installed on every Petrol Station of Wissol displaying fuel prices, outside temperature, current time with adopted seasonal effects.

LED displays have been placed in Batumi and Rustavi cities on bus stations informing commuters of bus lines, arriving times and schedule, etc.

ჯორჯიან მანგანეზის პროექტი

In 2013 MyGPS LLC has won the tender of Georgian Manganese which provides for online control of special machinery, reading data from its board computers, optimization of the logistics, fuel control and clearing reports as well as remote control of trucks, transfer of data for urgent decision and efficient planning, control of unauthorized use of vehicles. The unified database of manageable access has been created for company’s special requirements.

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What Seemed Impossible 

MyGPS LLC has been established in 2007 headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is the only company that produces GPS tracker devices locally. Through its online systems you can control your vehicle fleet and fuel consumption 24/7 uninterrupted in Georgia and 195 countries around the globe. The company actively participates in tenders for technological solutions. It has branch offices in the regions of Georgia.

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